Saturday, November 29, 2014

Budapest Christmas Fair

Today I went with my daughter to Budapest Xmas Fair, which is
one of the most popular Christmas fairs in Europe awaits the lovers of winter programmes this year again in the heart of Budapest, in Vörösmarty Square.
More than 100 wooden pavilions, which will attract visitors with their unique high quality folklore and applied arts products, will be built on the square. Christmas decorations, small presents, candles, gloves, woollen hats, wrought iron and woven products are also sold here, as well as other special articles that cannot be found anywhere else. You can experience the real wonders of winter-time while enjoying tproducts that have been evaluated by a jury, and satisfying your appetite at typical Hungarian buffets, which offer mulled wine, kürtoskalács (sweet Hungarian pastry), roast chestnuts and other market snacks. When passing along the colourful and beautifully decorated rows of pavilions, it is worth walking, with mulled wine and kenyérlángos (flat bread baked in a cob oven) in your hands,  to the front of the Gerbeaudcafé, where a great festive atmosphere is guaranteed due to the performances by children, folklore groups, dance houses, brass and reed bands, string orchestras and choirs.

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